Meet Michelle

About: Michelle Burke

PMP, ITIL, MSPM and Maven Maker

Michelle is a problem-solving wizard with two decades of experience leading some of the biggest IT and business-based projects and programs internationally. As the Deputy Director for a government contracting firm, she is currently working to build innovative health programs for the Veterans Administration.

World-traveling and voracious reading fosters her growth, while surfing, family and friends fuel her soul. 

Michelle shares her thirst for knowledge and ‘hard knocks’ experience as a motivational speaker, soft skills coach and personal development mentor for professional women.

Michelle is the Maven Maker of bossibly; a program designed to help young professionals work with others while owning their own behavior so that they can lead themselves and eventually others in the workplace. She works with young professionals to find their footing and voice in the business world, while assisting business owners in their goal of engaging and retaining Millennial talent.

In Her Element…

Traveling professionally and personally is a passion of Michelle’s when she’s not surfing at home in Cocoa Beach, Florida!

“Michelle has a genuine passion for life and is in constant pursuit to expand and improve upon all aspects of her life. She is a trusted resource for me when dealing with challenging situations, both professionally and personally. Michelle possesses a driving combination of dissatisfaction (with what’s not working) and optimism (that a solution exists) with a healthy dose of laugh-out-loud humor that makes her insights useful and easy to digest.”

Amy Unger

“As a young professional and new manager, I lacked assertiveness and confidence in the workplace.  Michelle has helped me understand the importance of developing these traits and created actionable tactics that I can use to improve.  I am very grateful for Michelle’s Coaching support.  With her help, I have started to become a more confident leader, and I am excited to keep growing and improving.”

Kayla Vinje