The pandemic turned everyone’s life on its head
For me, in many ways, it was a relief
I had been running too hard, too fast, for too long
Too busy to notice, too invested to make a change even if I did

Once the initial shock wore off
I embraced my new reality
This definitely wasn’t what I wanted
But in hindsight, is certainly what I needed

By the grace of the tax base I had paid into for decades
I was able to keep a roof over my head and food on the table
While I figured out my next right step
Was I living with less? Of course
Did it matter? Surprisingly, not so much

Days stretched into weeks into months
My ego adjusted to the lack of stability of a corporate career
I became confident I would remain a freelancer for the remainder of my working days
The freedom to be my own boss, an intriguing proposition

So I did just that
Yes, there are some serious perks to this life
And considerable responsibility
Marketing, sales, delivery, balanced on fewer shoulders
With an equal number of hours in the day to execute
Every good idea tried and tested
Ever-moving channels making consistency just out of reach

As the business shifted, I shifted too
What was once scary became a strength
Evolving, growing, learning
The more I helped others, the more I become aware of my own needs
A beautiful realization – I can do this anywhere

Where can I look to solve my personal needs while living my purpose?
Define my next right step, once again
The same damned thing I coach others to do
Take your own medicine

I now find myself applying for jobs
A surprisingly comfortable exercise
I’d missed being a leader
Working with a team towards a common end goal
I find myself reinvigorated to do good in the world in this way once again

I’m wiser and more appreciative now
Thanks to my accidental sabbatical

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