Previously unarticulated
Now running rampant like a pet off of their leash

And anger
Sharp, quick
Backed up by injustice

How dare you
Not validate how smart I am
How mature I am
How together I have it

Undertones of terror
I KNEW this would happen
Told ya so

Shouldn’t have let your guard down
Opened that door
You were fine before
Why did you need to go there

Careful what you wish for
On the cusp of retreat, pulling back

And then


Emotions are fleeting
To ease into it
Embrace the crazy
Own that shit

Start to chuckle at yourself
Stage 5 Clinger there, girl
You ok?
You know you are going to be, right?

It’s ok, Baby Girl
You are multi layered
You’d just been hiding this one
Fold it in

You are still awesome
And you never were perfect
Embrace that shit

I’m going to occasionally make this choice
How will you react?
Will you still love me when I act a fool?



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