Paying it Forward Parable

Paying it forward happened to me this week.  I had a dear friend come to my rescue as I was coming unglued when I've done the same for her in the past.  Most of the stuff I touched this week crumbled and I wanted to stay in bed, pull the covers up and HIDE! ...

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Joy waves to Disgust on the road to change

On your joy journey, have you ever second-guessed yourself and then those thoughts wind up showing up as disgust?  That’s what happened for me this week. ☹  As I build this business, I need to learn new skills and navigate through uncharted territory.  I had a...

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Listening to Understand NOT Talk

Active Listening I was talking to a business partner this week when they were talking about what they did with their kids this past weekend and immediately I wanted to jump in and tell him what I DID! GAH!  Oops.  That’s not the way it’s supposed to work. ☹ I’m sure...

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Resume Results to be a STAR

I’ve been working with a couple of folks this week on their resumes to drill down to results. I’ve been working with them to define what they want to be when they grow up.  LOL! I know, I know. It seems like pie in the sky stuff, but what if each of you could define...

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Resilience: bounce like a rubber band ball

I’m sure this week has been a mix of feelings for you with everything happening in the world around us.  For me, it came particularly close to home as my brother and sister were both laid off along with two of my nieces and two dear friends.  The best way for me to...

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Building teams: the good, the bad and the rumble

LOTS of conversation this week around team building! I’m doing some work with a small business that wants to figure out how to work with the right contractors, partners and ultimately hire the right employees – no small feat if you ask me. 😊 Plus, I’ve been talking to...

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Do you know how your INNER ROCK STAR wants to feel?

Do you know how your INNER ROCK STAR wants to feel?! Do you even know what that means? On a trip to Asia a few years ago, I took a book (The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul) with me by Danielle LaPorte as a dear friend of mine said I was gonna love it....

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Why do we work so hard?

Why Do We Work So Hard? We work so hard from sun up to sun down only to take a break to throw some food together and have dinner with our spouses – this came up in my morning workout with my lifting buddy. Our significant others feeling neglected because we hop back...

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