Busy brain & body: what happened to mindfulness

This morning, I wondered what my Grandma would say about some of the conversations I had with others this week. It started with a partner where I asked her if she had heard about those places where folks can go to SMASH the crap out of plates and everything in the...

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Value-based Leadership – Making The Grade

Big, Fat Liar! You’ve just plopped your butt in a meeting with some higher ups and the entire team starts talking about the client, the engagement and what’s going wrong. Out pops a lie from one of the senior leaders – a fable so tall that you envision that dude’s...

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Three Questions for Personal Accountability

Almost EXACTLY twenty years ago, I burned a bridge that blew up my personal brand. Not a literal bridge (although my family probably wouldn’t be surprised since I LOVE to play with fire), but a figurative bridge at work leaving a company early in my career. How? The...

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Saying NO or ‘Not right now’ to your boss or a client

Man, this week really kicked my ass! I jammed up my calendar so badly that I sat on my couch nursing my wounds with 2 Crown Royal Vanillas and Diet Coke! Hahahahah! I know you feel my pain here. If you are one of those people that have trouble saying no and your hand...

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The Turnover Struggle Bus

What do you think of when someone talks about employee turnover and retention? Does the employee come to mind, or do you think of the challenges that the Human Resources (HR) department faces? This week, a business partner and I have been exploring the latter to...

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