The days of posturing are over
Acting too cool for school
Pretending you know so much
When you know deep inside
There is still so much more to sort out
Figure out, make right

Charisma may open the door
But character is what lets others inside
That’s the sexy stuff to grown ups
The ones you WANT inside
Your tribe is comprised of a select crew these days
On the surface, seemingly a disparate bunch
But upon further inspection, it’s obvious – these folks are all the real deal

These are the ones who can bear to carry your victories as much as your challenges
Sounds strange
But you’ve learned – some people are intimidated by your light
So you’ve had to make some adjustments
To ensure the capable are the ones by your side

Friendship, support
These things we think we understand
But it has morphed and changed over time
The needs becoming more raw, honest
And the conversations have gotten deeper, more emotional
So yes, a tear may form occasionally
And a boy would fight it back
But a man knows –
That’s a genuine need being expressed
And follows through, saying the words
Pushing through fear of judgment
Because they’ve surrounded themselves by the right tribe

I carry my tribe on a bus
I’ve gotten clear about who gets a seat and which seat they occupy

Some have GPS privileges –
I trust them to influence where I go

Some have radio-control privileges –
I trust them to influence what I hear

Some are sitting in the middle, singing along with me –
I rely upon their loving support along my travels

Some are in the back with headphones on –
I am delighted to take them along for the ride with me

Everyone hand-selected for their respective seat.

Have you assessed your bus lately?

Do ya like your fellow travelers?

Guess what?
You control this bus
Only you decide, ultimately, who controls this environment
Occasionally, it’s time to gently let someone disembark
To make room for a different passenger
One who will enhance your journey
Help lead you somewhere new
Make that trip more enjoyable
Be big enough themselves to let your growing light shine even brighter
Or at least be able to sit back and enjoy the ride with you
And let a tear fall, if that’s what needs to happen



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