Business and Friendship are curious cats.
They are often connected but sometimes are cautious.

They work together well, but sometimes miss playing,
Too concerned with the image they both are portraying.

There are times when suddenly they just connect,
Like best friends forever with hugs on their neck.

They just know there is trust and they know there is more,
It’s a shame if they don’t take the time to explore.

Cats can’t be herded, but they can be joyful,
Cats can be loving and often be soulful.

When we connect with others who have that cat vibe,
We know they are meant to be part of our tribe.

Cats play with catnip and chase it about, or,
Lay about in sunshine with sun on their snout.

It is possible when working with the cats at bossibly,
That we are the cats that think nothing’s an impossibility.

CareerSource and Bossibly broker a trust,
With credit and results that is stronger than rocks.

With our trust firmly planted we say to our crew,
We’ve got this covered now pass me some Skrew (ball).

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