Sad Mindfulness

What happened to my mindfulness?

This morning, I wondered what my Grandma would say about some of the conversations I had with others this week. It started with a partner where I asked her if she had heard about those places where folks can go to SMASH the crap out of plates and everything in the room – my question to her was, ‘Is that a form of meditation?’ She chuckled a bit and said, ‘Yes, Michelle, that sure is!’ If you have no clue what I’m talking about, you can google ‘Rage Rooms Near Me’ and watch a video of this massacre of stuff: https://www.justoneofthosedayz.com! Oh, and don’t open this link if you don’t want loud sound at work. 😉

Slowly Falling Apart

While I’d probably give it a go, that approach has some controversy tied to it. Does it promote violence or release? Now that we see so much violence in schools, work and our personal lives, does stuff like that foster it? Conversely, why do stigmas still exist around meditation especially in places of work? The day after this conversation, I was heartbroken to hear about a suicide in my circle. I had no words. Just sadness and confusion. All of this prompted dialogue with my sisters and one of them nailed the dilemma:

‘That’s why mental health is such an issue. It’s a struggle to know how to handle it and prevent these things. Many people can look like they have it all together in the outside and they are slowly falling apart on the inside.’

Busy Brain & Body

So, how do we manage the crazy stuff that circles like a toilet bowl in our brain so we can flush that nonsense down where it belongs?! The key is practicing mindfulness. We’re all so busy – running around, doing errands, working late, not getting enough sleep – it wears you down (mind, body and soul). Take a day of rest!! Disconnect from that blasted phone (and all your electronics for that matter). That’s what a friend of mine and her husband do and have done for 15 years!

Getting Started

Don’t get me wrong here. I know this isn’t an easy answer. I’m not a mental health professional and I know there are many complexities to mental health. Here’s what I’m suggesting:

  1. Start looking inward.
    • Am I mindful?
    • Take the time to scan your brain and body to see what it’s trying to tell you.
  2. Make the conversation ok to initiate and discuss.
    • Am I struggling?
    • Ask for help.
  3. Remove the stigma.
    • Am I an example?
    • Use your form of mindfulness to show and share with others making this ok.

Now if ONLY we had a ‘Punching Pillows’ Program in the workplace so we didn’t need those RAGE Rooms! Hahahahaha!

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