Angels are at work
gently, the chrysalises are opened,
they separate your real and your false

You start to see, understand,
and then really, really feel it
deep in your heart

Your truth
trapped beneath so many band-aids of pretendings

Together you lift, peel, rip
all that is genuine rises to the surface
the true self

our unique perfection,
sculpted from our imperfections
the angels throw in some bubbly joy!

Your butterfly emerges
into that arena of the kind, the confident
united in a precious bond of love and care that few get to experience
but what if they could?

Unconditional love
receiving it giving it
every single day
a constant urge:
how can I make your life better in this moment?

spread joy
a smile for a stranger

Forgiveness for old hurts ….. and new
understanding, no more judgments
step into their shoes, see through their eyes
feel through their hearts
suspend judgment


Let this be a make-over for your soul
dive into its quiet depth
get to know the real you, like a new lover
tingle with a new sense of purity, of realness
the confidence of powerful gentleness

Live life from this place of simple clarity
the exhilarating ease of being just one person
the genuine you, no pretending
a clear sense of purpose


Our planet needs you



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