Did you find who you have been looking for?
She is right there inside of you.

Did you check behind the walls of hurt?
Sometimes she sits there and runs her hands on the bricks.

Did you look inside the box of rage?
There are times where she opens the box and removes the memories.

Did you check in the large pit of sadness?
Sometimes she goes there to cry and feel through the pain.

Did you look underneath the blanket of protection?
Sometimes she wraps herself in it to keep herself safe.

Did you look beside the table of indifference?
She stands there so she can pretend she doesn’t care.

Did you check over the hill of disgust?
She travels there when she doesn’t like the image in the mirror.

Did you look around the field of unimportance?
There are days she dances in the field there.

If you find her in those places, it’s time to set her free.
She wants to dance in joy.
She wants to sing in gentleness.
She wants to laugh with happiness.
She wants to prance in surrender.
She wants to revel in care.
She wants to breathe in favor.
She wants to feel significant again.

Come, let’s go find her……

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