You bring a buzzing energy
A super nova
Everyone around you gets caught up in it
Like a tilt a whirl
Tossed around, giggling gleefully

Your ambitions are hard core
A role model
Across all aspects of life
Aspirational well beyond those you know
Your actions speak volumes
Others notice, and remember

You are a special kind of do-er
Pursing your interests with laser-like focus
Sprinting headlong into acquiring more knowledge
Applying it with discernment
Ever focused on betterment

Your laughter
Anyone who has encountered you knows it’s distinctive tone
There is more than meets the eye there
You embody levity
Taking life quite seriously
While finding humor along the way

Underpinning it all
Your heart
True north to your moral compass
Loyal to the point of pain
Genuinely giving
Seeing that this – love – is your legacy in this world

I hope you understand

The world is grateful for you
Appreciates your gifts
Looks forward to what you are bringing to life next

We couldn’t have even envisioned wanting someone like you
It would have felt like asking too much
This particular combo, this specific intensity

Too good to be true

You are something special

I hope you understand