Easier said than done
Such a tug of war
Learning from your own experience
Being observant of theirs
Discerning the difference
Walking down the center line

How they learn best
Preparing them for independence
Best practices constantly shifting
Connection with others
Safety always a consideration
Pandemic disrupting what once was
Our own uncertainty
Mixed in with theirs

How is a parent to navigate these waters?
An age-old question
One that never gets answered fully
Perhaps because there is no right answer
Maybe we are looking in the wrong direction

What values do we want these humans to possess?
How best can we instill, reinforce those values?
Is it possible the rest is inconsequential?
All choices are fine choices
Maybe we are putting too much pressure on ourselves
As the responsible adults
To make the right call
What if all the calls are right?
The energy put into these things would be better spent
Playing together
Creating moments where we share with one another

If the pandemic has taught us anything
It’s that these growing humans have a lot of personality
And emotions
The ability to learn and grow right in front of us
They enjoy being around their people
As much as the adult humans attempting to guide them do

Adults, I implore you – cut yourself some slack
The kids are struggling, yes
But you haven’t done them a disservice
Life is hard
We are all figuring it out

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