I feel as though I’ve put myself through the wringer
Over and over
Learning the lessons
Incorporating new insights
Just when I think “I’ve got this!”
That’s when it’s time to go down the rabbit hole again

Humbling process
But I can see the wisdom
We only get what we can handle in a given moment
Sometimes the work is too hard
Too much
Too deep
So we go a layer at a time
Sometimes razor-thin
Occasionally we rip the Band-Aid right off
But those moments are more rare
The recovery can be too intense
I think we are meant to weep a little
Heal a little
Take another baby step forward
And the next, and the next

Once I got my mind set that this is my path
That there are always more layers to peel back
It’s kinda fun
What shadow am I going to reveal to myself next?
Because I always feel grateful afterwards
Yes, it can be heavy in the moment
Super heavy at times
But ultimately, lighter
And me – I’m better
I show up as myself more

Thank you to all of my guides
For asking soul-stirring questions
Helping me to explore what’s in my heart, head
To simply sit still and focus on a centering thought
Or breathe…Just breathe

THIS is the work
Not the accomplishments I previously pursued
Showing up, to myself, for myself
This is what the world needs from me most



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