You ever notice how when you get local eggs from a farm
You marvel at the diversity and beauty of them?
I mean, they are just eggs
And taste pretty much just like the grocery store ones
But the uniqueness is noteworthy
Sizes. Shapes. Colors. Nuanced
Noticeably distinct
And I’ll swear they taste better because of it

A metaphor for people maybe
I used to live in Baltimore City
Where I was accustomed to seeing all sorts of people
A tapestry of difference
Woven together by a shared love of the Ravens, Orioles, and a bit of “rough around the edges” grit

I moved to the Shore
Lovely place – particularly because there is an inherent need to welcome visitors as tourism is the main source of income
But I’ve seen a very different America here
Grocery store eggs vs farm-fresh
A whole lotta me

Don’t get me wrong – I like me
I also think an entire world of me’s would be boring

Then I turn on the news
And I see a lot of scared people
Making decisions that others are condemning
Everyone pointing fingers
Suddenly an expert on this topic, too

My heart is heavy
I’m sad that when I see a vehicle pulled over in my beloved community and I see the driver is black, I pause and wonder “should I stop to make sure they aren’t being mistreated by that officer?”
I’m downright joyful when I see friends, lovers walking down Coastal Highway that are of different races
And then I pause and think “it’s sad that I have to be this happy about that”

And I go back to my eggs

I am privileged
I am white
College educated
Able bodied
Cis oriented

When I get pulled over, my heart races
But I don’t fear for my life

When I fall down on my luck, I don’t fear that I’ll never be able to get back up again

Yes, I have worked hard for what I have, but I didn’t work hard for my privilege
I didn’t make myself this height, this skin color, this genetic makeup
That was all part of the package that came from God’s factory

Back to the eggs

I look like Egglands Best
But I am an advocate for farm fresh
It makes my life better
It makes my country better



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