She sucks in the hot air that surrounds her.
As her lungs feel deeply, she traps the air inside.
Holding her breath and closing her eyes, she begins to feel.

She feels the crisp air whip through each strand of hair.
She feels the sun press its rays into each pore of her body.
She feels the grass weave its way between all ten toes.
She feels the shade as the sun disappears behind the clouds.
And then it starts to rain.

She stands with her face to the sky as each drop kisses her face.
As each drop lands on her skin, she begins to dance.
Twisting and twirling, she closes her eyes and begins to feel.

She feels each breath rise from the depth and out of her mouth.
She feels the small beats beneath her freckled chest.
She feels the movement of each joint as she sways softly.
She feels her mind empty and there is peace again.
It is then the clouds clear.

The sun shines again.

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