Everything is so weird
An endless supply of things are askew
Off kilter
Just… meh

I used to be oblivious, too busy to feel anything
Highs weren’t as high – taken for granted, not special
Lows were numbed out with distraction
More importantly, I didn’t have this endless low-level dread

This stupid virus
None of us can make sense of things
Because there are disparate concerns at play

Getting sick, or giving it to someone we love whose body can’t handle it
Financial devastation from the precautions meant to protect us
Social distancing is like chemo – indiscriminately killing both bad and good parts of our world

Mental health strain from those serious concerns with no clear right path forward
With a scoopful of soul-crushing judgment of self and from others
Topped with mindless consumption of media, fanning the flames of concern
It’s no wonder things feel… meh

Humans are social animals
So we reach out to one another
But we are weary
And fear burdening others
Apologizing when we share
Assuming our load is too heavy

Nothing about this is “normal”
It’s not going back to how it was
Too much has transpired

Please reach out
Somebody needs to hear your struggle
Share your fear, your pain
Pull the dark into the light
It’ll lighten the load, make it not so overwhelming

Sucking it up is exhausting
And so 2019

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