Here I am, leaning into my newfound power
Being brave and bold
And I feel worse
Lethargic, unmotivated

I double down on the new
Stuff down the resentment, ratchet up the gratitude
Everything will be fine, I’ve just got to have faith

I realize I’d swung the pendulum the other way
While being all love and light
I forgot to chop wood, carry water

I’d gotten lazy, unreliable
Abandoning the practical in pursuit of the aspirational

I DO know how to be practically useful
It’ll take some digging out, but I can

Ah ha
I’d negotiated with others without checking with myself first
Time, carving out what I need guilt-free
To show up whole, contribute in a way that feels good to me

Boundaries renegotiated
Accepted with grace
Witnessing it’ll be an ongoing process for both
As we adjust to the new normal

Subtle but hugely important shift
Getting back to center
Rebuilding my self-worth
Doing for myself with acts of service
Productive in a meaningful way

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