I’m going to occasionally make this choice
How will you react?
Will you still love me when I act a fool?
When I succumb to peer pressure?
When I get a wild hair?
When I want to let loose?

Where is your line?
Of too much?
Of not strong enough? Principled enough?

I act carefree, but I’m just as scared as the next person
That you will reject me
That I will be too much
Too… I don’t even know

Tears are flowing
The insecurity is full-blown now

Will I not be enough for you?
Am I acting as if I am not attached to the outcomes, or is that real?

On the surface I have it going on, maybe
But underneath I’m just as scared as anyone

Scared to die alone
Scared to BE alone

Why am I crying?
This is real
I put on a brave face
But I’m just as scared as anyone

So raw
So vulnerable

Please don’t reject me
Underneath it all, I’m a scared little girl

Please accept me as I am

Flaws and all