The five love languages
When first introduced to this concept
My mind was blown
Such a simple, elegant way
To meet people where they are

It transformed my relationship with family, friends, colleagues
Helped me to understand how others want to be appreciated

I affirmed what I knew of myself – words
I was desperately seeking feedback
Let me know what you like
I would delight in doing more of it

Time passes, life moves on,
People drift into and out of my life
Then I find you

You, who has taken my notion of love and put it on its head
Everything I thought I knew, transformed
Unearthing parts within me I didn’t know existed

You love expressing your love for me
And you are damned good at it

You voice your appreciation for me, Us regularly
You are a genuinely grateful human – by choice and with deliberate intent

You delight in being generous with your abundance
Surprising others with just the right thing lights you up

You bring your full attention when in the company of others
Genuinely curious, you listen in earnest

Your embrace feels like coming home
A full expression of your heart, in physical form

I didn’t think I much cared about others doing things for me
You have taught me something about myself
Meticulously crafting coffee for us to share in the morning daily
Hanging that picture I’d lost patience with weeks ago
Making a hot chocolate for me on a snowy, wintery day

These simple acts make me feel loved in a healing way
You’ve unlocked levels of love in me
Ones I had kept independent
Afraid to rely on anyone else to give to me

I am grateful to know you, to know this is possible
A place of play and open expression of love
Where nothing is taken for granted
And giving is done freely

I know a lot of wonderful people
But you surprised me
You are true and clear and bright
I didn’t know someone like you could exist

Thank you

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