Safe to be myself
All facets, equally welcomed
This is a simple concept
But maybe not an easy one

It’s a rare thing
To feel comfortable
Like it’s all good
As an adult

Like any good recipe, it takes several parts

Main ingredients –
Self worth
Bravery to speak up when it’s hard
Self awareness

The special ingredients –
Surrounding yourself with those who are
Secure in themselves
Willing to see you as a whole – awesome and flawed, all valued
Kindness. That’s probably the most important.

This recipe makes for a delicious existence
Loving and loved
Compassionate and understood
Playful and joyful

It’s not complicated, but does require constant vigilance
Ensuring delicate balance
No part overpowering another too much

Grateful for those in my life
Who bring the icing to my cake
I worked very hard to make this cake tasty
And they have worked equally hard on their icing

The combination: irresistible



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