I keep looking in the mirror
Distressed at the state of my tresses
The acts of self care I once maintained so routinely
Disrupted, delayed
Beyond the point of hiding it
Cursing and blessing the marvel of video chats keeping me connected to loved ones

As the weeks have rolled on
The acceptance slowly sinks in
I bitch less, I roll with it more
Gazing compassionately at my reflection
Maybe the covering, coloring, smoothing
Wasn’t as critical as I thought
Maybe I’m still pretty as I am
Presenting my God-given appearance for all to see

I miss my routine
Like a childhood blanket
To keep me company in scary times
But, The Great Pause
Is like a good parent
Gently coaxing the blanket from my tight grip
Easing my reliance away, and back upon myself
Showing me, proving to me
I can face the big scary world on my own
I’m ok



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