Things have been heavy
No doubt about it
Proverbial apple cart upturned
Reality questioned
Certainty tossed out the window
Plans for the future, trashed summarily

And yet, slivers of hope
True beauty

The Great Pause has given me a great deal
An abundance that my chosen life before couldn’t touch
A chance to catch my breath
To take the time to think for myself
To feel, where I would have typically ignored

I’ve deepened connection to others
I’ve trusted my gut
I’ve tried new things
I’m more comfortable being me than I’ve ever been

If you had asked me a year ago if the life I have today was a recipe for joy
I would have assumed not
But we are at now, now
And with change can come a changed perspective

My feet are firmly planted in a place of gratitude
Humbled by how great life is

It occurred to me that perhaps it is time to shine my light a little brighter
Stop keeping my joy to myself
I recognize I was dimming my light out of fear
Fear of coming across as insensitive
Tone deaf

The reality is that through the pain and suffering
Good things have been happening too

I am happy
I am going to stop keeping that to myself
I am well aware of suffering
I am not immune to the pain
I am here to work through it, rise up out of it
All of this is an opportunity to grow and learn and love

I invite you to join me
Share your joy
Maybe that is precisely the point of all of this
To appreciate the light after the darkness



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