I see you in pain
I don’t relish in that fact

I am loving kindness
It is foreign for me to doubt you, dislike you

I am granting space for your pain
Too much so at times
Coming from a place of compassion and understanding

That you are hurting

You didn’t choose this
You don’t have control

That undoubtedly is uncomfortable

And I have changed
Through your eyes that must seem foreign

I hear you are worried about me
No need
I’m good

Truth is: I’m a fucking lighthouse
You’ve never seen my light so bright
I’ve removed the smudges from the panes of glass
It is glorious to step into my power and feel God’s presence in my life

I realize the tiny box I put myself into was largely self-induced
I am ok with that
I realize you didn’t get the best of me
I am ok with that too
This is my journey
I don’t expect you to understand that
Your path and my path are not aligned

At this point, I merely want to move on
I don’t want drama
I have other things to do with my life

It appears you are seeking answers
I have given them to you
It appears they are not the answers you wanted to hear

Our dynamic was based on me putting myself in a tiny box
I’m not there anymore
I’m more than capable of taking care of myself

Our dynamic was dysfunctional
I was the one to see it and take action
That is neither good nor bad

I’ve changed, but only in that I love myself first

You can cease being so worried about me
I’m fine

I’ve always been fine



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