Active Listening

I was talking to a business partner this week when they were talking about what they did with their kids this past weekend and immediately I wanted to jump in and tell him what I DID! GAH!  Oops.  That’s not the way it’s supposed to work. ☹

I’m sure you can relate to someone talking to you and your brain is on overdrive waiting for a break in their thought process so you can add your two cents.  LOL!  That’s no bueno as we aren’t truly listening to understand what they are saying when this happens.  We really should be practicing active listening techniques.  Here’s a few resources that you might find handy for that!

5 Ways to Listen Better

Watch: Julian Treasure’s TED Talk on 5 ways to listen better.

25% retention of what we hear?  OUCH! For me, I find the noise around me to be such a distraction (2:37) and that impedes my ability to understand what someone else is saying.  Julian talks about 5 simple exercises to take away with you to improve your listening in here (3:51). Here’s the summary:

1.     Silence – 3 minutes a day to recalibrate your ears (or go for quiet if you can get silence)

2.     Mixer – in a loud area, listen for the number of channels you can hear to distinguish the sounds

3.     Savoring – listen to a mundane sound (like the dryer) and make a game of out of it (or a dance)

4.     Listening Positions – move your listening position to what’s appropriate with

5.     RASA – Receive, Appreciate, Summarize and Ask

More Resources

Read: ‘Active Listening’: the Key to Strong Workplace Relationships, Productivity, and Personal Empowerment by Elle Kaplan
LOVE the tips in this and the one I needed as a reminder is the first one that pops up as the first tip!

Listen: The Big 6: An Active Listening Skill Set from the Center for Creative Leadership
Reflecting and summarizing through questions works really well for me, but there are some other good skills to hone in this podcast too.



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