There is something truly special about live music
I’d heard friends tell me this for years but I never understood
Too wrapped up in the costs associated to allow myself to truly experience it

But then I met Don
An audio engineer who was once in the ear of national touring acts
His job, to ensure they were able to simply focus on making magic that night

Don bought me a birthday present
Tickets to a band he thought I would enjoy
Floor seats, back just far enough to be in the sweet spot of sound

I listened to some of their tops hits the week prior
Getting myself jazzed up for a night out
We arrive, the crowd feels comfortable
The show begins

Here’s the thing about live music
When all of the factors are just right, you feel suspended
The enjoyment of the music
The theatrics of the performance
The energy of the crowd

When the band is pouring their all into the show
And the audience is reciprocating with appreciation
This is no passive, theta state of entertainment
This is an interactive exchange of love
A sharing of collective memories, experienced as one moment

That is a singular experience that is difficult to replicate
Music transports us to times and places that are individual and specific
But experienced together
Wordlessly, we are able to shift to something higher

That’s what EW&F did for me last night
I fell back in love with my favorite genre of music: Funk
Horns. Drums. Harmony.
Compelled to smile, to move, and most definitely, to groove
That passion was reignited once again

Thank you, Don
For helping me to experience what live music can be

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