I had a pretty myopic view of mediation
From the outside looking in
An image of deep-throated unintelligible chanting
Sitting with legs crossed
Still and blissed out

Not me

My mind is chatty
My body, restless
Viciously self-critical of myself
Agitated by my failed attempts to find stillness

I’m no monk and I cannot still my mind
What’s the point? An exercise in frustration?
I have enough of those in my life, thank you very much

Then I discovered there are no rules
Meditation can happen in the shower
While walking through the neighborhood
Or making my bed
Anything to connect us to that live wire of insight
Hidden in plain sight, always

Meditation for me probably looks nothing like meditation for you

I heard it described as such –
Prayer is asking of God
Meditation is listening to the answer
That peaked my interest

It’s not about turning off your mind
Rather it’s about switching roles
You take the reins, you observe the thoughts
Like watching a toddler prattle on
Noticing the ramblings of your own mind
Not feeling like you have to jump and do every little thing
Ok, that sounds challenging but probably doable

And when it gets hard
Simply call in God – can you give me a hand here?
I’m having a tough time herding the cats in my mind
So I have the option to Phone a Friend? That sounds helpful

I think we should rebrand meditation
Pass the Microphone is more like it
To the still small voice inside
To a higher power



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