I think most of us have blind spots
Areas where we excel
Where we may have tipped the scales
From well-meaning to over-developed

Niceness was one of mine
Improbable you’d dislike me
I worked very hard to blend in anywhere
Proverbially, of course
Because I was wearing some zany outfits
To get you to focus on my exterior
My faux confidence
Terrified you’d see what was going on underneath
An effective distraction strategy
Most believed that was the real me
Including myself

Independence was another
Unwilling to ask
Shameful of my ignorance
Reticent to accept help
I’d rather suffer than be dependent
Desperate for a shred of control
A trauma response to a hopeless mindset

I look back and am grateful
Those are still strengths I possess
I was merely imbalanced
Too reliant on those qualities being enough
Embittered that the world didn’t reciprocate
Atrophied in other areas

So now I’m stretching, growing
Building some other muscles as well
A foundation of what I already had
Moving from idealistic optimism
To grounded openness
This feels powerful, resilient
Gentle, kind, firm, curious
From this place
I can do good in the world

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