I assumed for the longest time I lacked passion
Kind of a flat, emotionless existence
Attached to nothing
Trudging along, doing what I was supposed to
Waiting to die

I had a naive perception of passion
Admittedly reinforced by daytime soap operas
The emotional, out of control type
Scary to be around, one word or act away from destruction
Harmful to themselves and others

Passion sounded interesting but unattainable
Something reserved for the brilliant or insane
I fit in neither camp
Gradually, I got to know more people
Connect on a deeper level
Saw insanity and genius were not required

I met people who had “it”
This spark or something
Lit from within, they had conviction
A purpose, a reason to get out of bed
Of their own volition

And that purpose didn’t have to save the world
It could be photography, cooking
Solving a specific problem
Creating a home, lifestyle for their family

My misconception about passion –
The WHAT is less important
It’s the WHY
It’s all about the why

How many folks are sleepwalking
Trapped in a dull nightmare?
Living a meager existence
That has nothing to do with outward appearances
I know I was
Unlikely I am the only one



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