If you have joy, I want you to feel free to share that with me

I’ve lost my job
You are having a record month
Let me celebrate you achieving your wildly ambitious stretch goal

I’m downsizing my life
You are buying a dream luxury item
Let me celebrate you prioritizing yourself for the first time ever

I’m feeling isolated and alone
You have found love when you least expected it
Let me bask in the radiance of your new relationship energy

I am joyful
Perhaps in spite of all outward appearances
Because when everything looked “fine” before
It 100% was not
What a peculiar irony
I had to lose it all to find happiness
Head scratcher why I was working so damned hard to be miserable
Couldn’t get out of my own way, I suppose
Holding compassion for myself on that

These days I spend my time in gratitude
My windshield is SO much larger than my rear view mirror
What’s before me brings such joy
Leaving me oodles of capacity to share yours

So I invite you to bring your successes
I’m your cheerleader
Happy to be happy with you, friend
Let’s be the light for one another, fellow lighthouse



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