Poems: Real Life Reflections by Amy

Sprightly Sister

Adventure-bound Eat Pray Love incarnate! What a beautiful chapter to cross paths with you I love your spirit Your soul Effervescent Ebullient Positive on purpose Considerably more than meets the eye Giving spirit Hell-bent on helping those who need what you uniquely...

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Shadows and light

I believed I was love and light That was only part of the picture I’m so much more than that I am the shadows too Serious Deeply contemplative Imperfect More than a smile and a laugh Remarkably freeing to combine the two Light AND shadow A sense of grounding Coming...

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Maybe Water is a change agent in your life Signaling its time to move on Seek higher ground Maybe Water is teaching you about yourself To witness your resolve in adversity To flex your strength like the mighty bamboo Maybe Water is shaking things up Get your ass up...

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What would someone who loves themselves do?

I’m hungry. I think: what is the most nourishing thing I can fuel my body with right now? I am running low on something. I think: can I replace it with something more kind to the planet or my body? I feel my emotions heightened. I think: how can I be gentle to myself...

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Being a mom is hard

In case you need to hear this today: You are a good mom, my friend Are you perfect? No Are you perfectly imperfect? Yes I am witness to you tapping into every skill you possess to ensure they know they are loved and supported, and to set them up for success later in...

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Dearest sarcastic one

I see you I see your cleverness I know you wield it as power, control I also see you use it as protection Like a foot soldier holding a mighty shield From the onslaught of attacks from the outside world I see you I see a longing in your eyes to be sure, certain To put...

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