Sometimes we need to get shaken, rattled
To feel a little pain
Because we were never going to get out of our own way

Too comfortable
Too safe

When this happens we are disoriented
And our eyes are opened
Just a little wider

And we see
Things that were always there
That weren’t visible
When we were directing our attention elsewhere

Things that truly matter –
Simple pleasures
Gratitude for what is

It feels foreign
Slowing down
Not running and gunning so hard
Like you are falling behind
Missing something

But perhaps that’s the point

Maybe we weren’t meant to drive so hard
Maybe we need to chill the fuck out

Maybe the “crazy” ones were right
Maybe the “lazy” ones were onto something

It’s scary to challenge the norm
Your base assumptions
The stability you’d come to rely upon

For me
I see that I had grown numb
Comfortable in my discomfort
I had to feel pain to experience freedom

Freedom of thought
Freedom of choice
Testing assumptions
Of what is good for me
Right for me

No one chooses pain on purpose
Well, perhaps the truly radical thinkers do
But most of us cave
To fitting in
To feeling secure, at least the semblance of it
For connection to others

These are trying times
But growth is possible here

What are you going to do with your expanded vision?
How will you emerge once the dust settles?



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