Presence is us in Balance, operating from true Wholeness where we are consciously uniting the elements in the center of the Wheel: Spirit, Heart, Body and Mind.

Truly lovingly holding space for ourselves or another requires Compassion, which is a form of unconditional Love. To do even that also requires the Mind… and Body… and Spirit.

The Mind ensures any ego or agenda is recognized, the Heart ensures it is not judged, and it may only be the Body or Spirit that brings it forward and also sets it aside or releases it (any direction may do this, too). Feeling into the Body grounds us, allows us to follow energies and touch pain or tap into a physical reaction and can navigate around the limits of words, numbness and patterns.

Spirit fuels our intuition, tapping into It allows us to trust guidance, knowing the Highest and Best Good for All — whatever That Is — is all unfolding perfectly… and letting It be. Spirit shows us our blind spots, orchestrating the necessary scenarios, characters and timing. The Mind’s creativity helps us formulate processes that can tap into each direction, as each serves best from moment to moment.

Honoring and practicing how we might each best tap into a direction (breath work, meditation, authentic communication, acknowledging Spirit, committing to doing our personal work ourselves and with others, etc…) launches us in a giant leap in each direction and gives us the muscles to come into Balance.

Good on us all!

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