I had a job once
We were always On
Crises to solve at every corner
Never any real downtime
And I recall my goal
To make things more efficient
Work smart not hard

And then the pandemic happened
And everything slowed to a stop
Time for reflection
And this concept of busyness
Reexamined from an unexpected vantage

We had purpose
Something useful to do
And when that was taken away
That was the loss we mourned

Like an athlete when the season ends
Or the student when the project is done
Initially yes, there is relief that the crunch is over
But upon reflection
That was the good kind of stress
The kind that shows you what you’re made of
Resilience-building moments
Made stronger by working together through challenge

My intention has shifted
Not to look for my bliss
But rather – what challenge do I want to take on next?
A new strategy for me
Previous I would have sought stability, security
These past few months have shown me
That’s a disempowering position
It puts my fate in the hands of another
And that no longer feels right
I’d rather put my eggs in my own basket
Scary? A little
Do-able? Absolutely


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