Comfort Zone

Are you in our out of your comfort zone? The idea for this newsletter came from my buddy, Lewis Howes (ok, he’s not REALLY my buddy, but I do get some awesome stuff from him in my inbox). 😊 As I read what he put together about six of the world’s most inspiring women, it struck me that I have my own circle of inspiring women (and dudes) that push me out of my comfort zone on a regular basis.

Growth is GOOD and HARD

Getting out of your comfort zone is both a GOOD and HARD thing… It’s good in the way of growth and HARD as growth is painful. Maybe you are right there yourself busting out of your metaphorical jeans (or your LITERAL jeans assuming you ate way too much turkey and pie for Thanksgiving). LOLOL! Have you taken the time to ‘take stock’ of the folks in your inner circle, how they show up to motivate you and how you can lean on them to ask for their advice while you’re in that growth zone? If not, you should be. I figured it would be cool to show you how this is showing up for me and give you some examples that might help!

Teacher Tina

As I build this business, my ego is showing up since I don’t have the steady 9 to 5 paycheck that I once did. So much of my self-worth has been wrapped up in what I’ve made as a professional that the inner voice in my head is questioning my value. NOT COOL, RICHARD! My teacher friend (we will call her Tina 😊) set me straight by sending me this text:

BAMMMMM! There are a few, great nuggets in there, but the one that was on the money (ok that pun was totally intended) is the idea of readjusting what I consider success to be for me.

Salesman Sal

Another growth area for me right now is the sales space. I had a former colleague and present friend take a peek at a sizable proposal to get his feedback on how best to position this type of work and what to change, modify and bag altogether. My buddy was kind enough to spend 45 minutes on the phone with me digging into this contract, pulling it apart and offering me some great advice. Here’s what he said to me that day, that was critical for me to hear:

  • ‘Anchor to the problems they have — these are key for your marketing!’
  • ‘Why do they care? How can you make a difference?’
  • And finally, my favorite, ‘Great sales never promises great delivery, but great delivery promises great sales!’

By focusing on how I can help whomever comes across my path regardless of how it materializes and making a difference through giving first, that’s what sales means to me! Delivering value that helps them solve their problems will come full circle in the end. 😊

COO Cindy & Meditation Mindy

These gals didn’t know that they taught me a lesson, but I learned one nonetheless by piecing together a couple of conversations and emails. Funny how that works. 😉 Cindy shared something with me on the phone that initially put my back up and was really tough to hear. She said, ‘Michelle, I see you doing all of this stuff the hard way and I have things happening organically.’ Ouch. Yea, that stung. I bitched about this comment to a few folks and thought I had processed it. Then I got an email blast from Meditation Mindy. In that meditation series, there was one called, ‘Find a Flow – Relax the Effort’. Another yammy. I’m really good at willing things into action and running circles around stuff until shit happens! Hahahhaha! Unfortunately, that’s not always a good thing and sometimes you need to find a ‘flow’ to the work where stuff happens organically. Thanks, ladies! Apparently, I needed that lesson too.

Let’s have a conversation about getting out of your comfort zone, just you and me! You can schedule a time here. There is no cost. This is not a sales call masquerading as a strategy call. I just want to support you. The topic is up to you.

If you’d like to listen to the Lewis Howes Podcast, here’s that for you too!



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