Managing Conflict

Find out if you need to do a better job of managing conflict with your boss or your teammates by taking this self-assessment to see where you need to improve.

With this 15 question self-assessment, you’ll find out how savvy you are at tackling conflict with your boss and your teammates. Here are some of the things you’d find out:

• Do you do a good job at communicating challenges?
• Can you remain calm, cool and collected when needed?
• How well do you handle problem solving?
• Are emotions getting in the way for you at work?

Download the Managing Conflict with my Boss & Teammates Self-Assessment to find out!

With a simple scoring system, you’d know where you stand:
0 – 5: It’s tough for you to speak up and you may avoid challenges like the plague
5 – 10: You’re getting better at managing your own stress, but you could be more assertive
10 – 15: Taking the bull by the horns, you tend to address most things head; maybe just a few tweaks are needed in the conflict management department

Take the self-assessment today by telling us where to send your copy of the Managing Conflict with my Boss & Teammates Self-Assessment.

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