What does getting out of your comfort zone look like?

Resting in discomfort. Not needing to change the situation. Learning to sit with it. Building awareness around why you’re uncomfortable. Growth is simple. It’s listening to your heart. Tapping into your inner voice. Not the one in your head. Disconnecting from the roommate who’s taken up space in your brain saying no. Stop. Don’t. You’ll get hurt. You don’t know shit about fuck. That roommate thinks they’re protecting you. That’s ok. They are creating that ‘comfort zone.’

What if you rest in knowing that zone is your mind’s way of keeping you safe? What if your heart had a say? Growth is simple. Stretching. That next step. With your heart leading the way. Simple. And nobody said it was easy. Easy is staying where we know. Not taking a step. Not being vulnerable. Letting our mind convince our heart it knows best.

Could you get hurt? Yes.
Could you fail? Yes.
Could you soar? Yes.
Could you love your life? HELL YES!

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable means committing to making the shift. “The mind creates the abyss. The heart crosses it.” Your comfort zone is the abyss. The mind wants you to stay put on the shore of that canyon. The heart wants you to build the net which allows you to enjoy the journey while crossing.

Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

The question is – which will you choose?


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