I’ve been working with a couple of folks this week on their resumes to drill down to results. I’ve been working with them to define what they want to be when they grow up.  LOL! I know, I know. It seems like pie in the sky stuff, but what if each of you could define your passion AND move towards it?

Showing Resume Results

It can be tough to get out of your own head to showcase your resume results. You want it to show all of the cool things you’ve done and the real results you’ve achieved.  What if I told you there is one way to do this and it’s exactly what hiring managers want to see? Would you do it? DUDE (and DUDETTE), I sure hope you would!

Whether you are actively looking to grow into your next role (that’s how this came up this week) or looking for a new job, this is something you can do now to show the higher ups that you take initiative, you’re focused on the bottom line and you get $hit done.  What is it, right? It’s called ‘Examples of Achievement’ and it’s a section that I use with my clients all the time.

Jamie’s Resume Results

I helped Jamie not that long ago with these and he gave me his blessing to share them with you, so here are some REAL examples from a REAL person to model for your own resume. These are the ones that we created for Jamie and it allowed him to a) stand out from the competition and b) get hired. 😊

  • Example 1: Revenue recovery: Enforced compliance via loss prevention standards and audit requirements to minimize financial damages. Result: Recovered $500K in losses and instituted training for team members to minimize revenue loss for future quarters.
  • Example 2: Merchandise presentation standards development: Implemented new merchandise presentation standards and signage to improve visual appeal, sales and product placement. Result: Increased sales for key products by highlighting the assets of those products and improved attractiveness of product displays.
  • Example 3: Resource contingency planning: Provided supplemental staffing to stores during peak seasons and sales trends to alleviate service backlogs and manage workflow increases. Result: Increased capacity management and efficiency with 5 team members on average annually for 4 stores.

What’s cool about using examples of achievement is it sets you up to truly shine in an interview or if you are passing your resume around internally to see if there are growth opportunities in sight.  The way these examples help set you up for that is using the result to hammer home your achievement based on the STAR technique.

STAR Method

Interviewers won’t tell you this, but they are looking for you to answer questions using this technique. They use it to gauge your ability to finish tasks and gain results from your work.  Here’s what the STAR acronym stands for:

S            Situation

T            Task

A            Action

R            Result

If you’d like to see this in action, check out this video to see what good looks like and what not so good looks like here:


While I’m not so sure I agree with the bit about the use of ‘we’ verses ‘I’ in this video, I do think it’s critical for you to showcase your skills. You can pepper your responses with how you took charge to do what needed to be done. You can do this by using your specific examples so folks can see how you are able to lead in various scenarios.  In those cases, using ‘I’ totally makes sense!

Want more on the STAR method?  Check out this link to get more details: https://www.themuse.com/advice/star-interview-method

Let’s have a conversation, just you and me! You can schedule a time here. There is no cost. This is not a sales call masquerading as a strategy call. I just want to support you. The topic is up to you.

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