Feels like summer vacation has wrapped up
Living in limbo for months
Waiting for the other shoe to drop
Or things to get back to a semblance of normal
Nothing seems to be any clearer
Yet I sense it’s time to get back on track
Whatever that means in a pandemic world

I have learned that I am no good at remaining hyper vigilant
I don’t have it in me
I have my version of COVID Cautious
I work to not judge those more or less concerned than me
We are all winging it
Who knows right from wrong anymore

I’m weary, much like everyone else
Weary of the not knowing
The 2020 I thought I was going to have
Radically altered by things beyond my control

I’m pent up
Antsy to travel
To go, to do… stuff
I want to hug everyone
I miss getting together with groups of friends

Everything feels… dampened
Memes aren’t as funny
Virtual Happy Hour has lost its luster
These comfy clothes make me feel blah
Screen time burnout is real

On a brighter note
I’m getting a lot of fresh air
I’ve deepened my friendships
I’ve tried some new things
I spend my time much differently now
I feel empowered to choose my next chapter
And for those things
I am deeply grateful

I guess what I’m saying is
I’m annoyed by the inconveniences
But I am enjoying the unexpected good parts

This is what settling in feels like these days



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