I believed I was love and light
That was only part of the picture
I’m so much more than that

I am the shadows too
Deeply contemplative
More than a smile and a laugh

Remarkably freeing to combine the two
Light AND shadow
A sense of grounding
Coming home
An integration that was a long time coming

Solitude is now glorious
Creating my own peace
Unshackled from self worth tied to others
The shoulds

Those damned shoulds
Kept myself small
Trying to keep myself safe

I’d outgrown the need
Had to feel pain to reassess
Had to expand to feel again
To get back in touch

It was always here
That still, small voice
Patiently waiting for me
To wake up
To listen
To love myself

Awash in gratitude
I am strong
I am loving
I am centered
Clear about what IS
What’s important
My place in this world

Shadows and light
Nothing to hide
No shame
No regret
It is what it is

To myself this time
Which is everything



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