Eat Pray Love incarnate!
What a beautiful chapter to cross paths with you

I love your spirit
Your soul
Positive on purpose
Considerably more than meets the eye

Giving spirit
Hell-bent on helping those who need what you uniquely bring
Teaching communication
Breaking through where others before you failed
Giving hope to parents who had none left

Loving heart
You love hard
Heart flung wide open
Family is the core
By blood or by choice
Accepting new members with open arms

Looking for the world to stir you
Fill you
To match that energy you bring
What’s next?
Where to?
Let’s GO

In case you didn’t know

You ARE the adventure
You create experience by your mere existence
The world needs your light
Your wisdom
You unique perspective on life

It inspires others
Challenges them to consider
Stretches them beyond their self-induced confines

Keep that light bright, sister
Yours is special

From one lighthouse to another