I have often dispensed wisdom to others, trying to be helpful
The desire coming from a giving heart
Admittedly, coming from insecurity as well
Fearful to be discovered as a fraud
I used giving as a shield
Portraying strength where I felt lack
Proving my worth when I felt I had none

These days I endeavor to listen more, offer less
I often fail, but that’s the intention
When I do feel compelled to help, I also listen
To my own words
Maybe not in the moment, but I’ll mull them over later
Often wondering – where did that come from?
Did I even know I knew that?
That was probably God talking there

Days, weeks later
My own words strike me differently
The lens once focused on the other, turned back towards me
I get curious – where in MY life can I use that nugget?

Taking my own medicine never fails to amuse me
I feel somewhat foolish for missing the lesson the first time
Grateful for the second chance
It occurs to me – the message was for me, too
I needed to hear those wise words

Perhaps that’s the point
If we learn most fully by teaching others
Maybe I was the student all along

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