My journey started almost 30 years ago.
The Dalliance Dance. The gift of romance.
A slide show that starts in the stream – Jay and I playing in the water. Eventually naked.
Then, a vision of a bride and groom dancing.
So much ZEST and excitement for what’s next!

Seeing a model of tenderness.
What love looks like as it ages.
Sweet. Subtle. Fun. Sometimes mean.
Making up.
Letting your partner take care of you.
Helping each other. Even when it’s hard.
Putting the good stuff in the JOY JAR and the bad stuff in the SUCK BUCKET!

What’s next in the journey?
Dancing with the female fairies!
Sprinkling pixie dust everywhere!
So many colors – movement.
In Ireland.
Tinkling. Child-like. Fanciful.
Bring in the clowns!
Lean into the vulnerability.
It’s sweet. So lovely. Pretty. 😊

But the battle is real.
My own masculine energy fights for control.
Lord Ganesha is present.
Wanting to help with the obstacles.
Listening. Saying listen more.
“Why are you fighting?”
Breathe. Connect the dots. The energy.
The lion at the crown.
Wrapped in red, fiery energy.
Desire so strong. For control.
But she’s in there. The lioness.
Red and purple mixed.
I can SEE her! Give her energy!
Hold space for her.
She’s beautiful.
The merging of the lion and the lioness.
Reds, purples, blues, teals.
Hold space for others. Other women.
The suffering.
The joy.
Hold it.
From the crown to the tips of the toes.
Embers – now fading.
Don’t go.
Let her rest.
The lioness.



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