Where 🐷 piggies roam.
Calling it home.

Blades of grass.
Swishing in mass.

🦋 Butterflies aflight.
Speckled wings so bright.

🌳 Oaks showing their age.
Roots stretching for days.

The 🌎 earth and its dirt.
Giving riches and mirth.

🐦 🦜 Birds – a song in their hearts.
Reminder to start.

Being present in ✌☮ peace.
Let go of the leash.

To the past or the future.
It no longer serves you.

The power 🔋 of now.
That’s really how.

To ⚓ anchor to Source.
Asking for more.

Light and 💘 love.
The truth will come.

The 🎁 gift is the land.
On that you can stand.


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