Almost EXACTLY twenty years ago, I burned a bridge that blew up my personal brand since I didn’t take personal accountability. Not a literal bridge (although my family probably wouldn’t be surprised since I LOVE to play with fire), but a figurative bridge at work leaving a company early in my career. How?

The Wrong Way To Go

Well, I sent my resignation to the entire C-Suite David Letterman style! Now I’m aging myself, but humor me as it went something like this…

Dear C-Suite,

I’m leaving the organization due poor management practices and a laundry list of transgressions. Here is a myriad of reasons for you to consider:

10 – Financial Instability
9 – Inequitable Pay
2 – Lack of Leadership
1 – Poor Communication and Teamwork

Obviously, this wasn’t received well, and it took IT support staff less than 20 seconds to disable my account. OOPS! I was mad and I wanted to highlight what was taking place in the organization. Yeah, I did that, but I was escorted out of the building in less than 30 minutes from pressing send. GAH!

How to Fix It

So, how do you recover and rebuild your brand after a mishap (big or small)?

  1. Accept responsibility, own your behavior and apologize
  2. Explain your error in judgment
  3. Learn from your mistakes and start the repair work

Are there any lessons you have learned in the personal branding space?

Reply to michelle@bossibly.com and let me know. 😊

Want More Info?

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