It starts with love.
A gentle hand from above.

Peppered with kindness.
None lost among us.

Seeing the truth.
Wise beyond youth.

Navigating the storms.
Questioning the norm.

Leading and following.
It’s a true knowing.

Protecting the pack.
“I’ve got your back.”

Soft conversations.
What beautiful lessons.

Compassion shows up.
Filling each cup.

Doing for others.
No need to smother.

Letting shit go.
What I think I know.

Showing God’s grace.
To each lovely face.

Humility in the moment.
Not expecting to know it.

Opening my heart.
That’s where it starts.

To be a servant.
Means continuous learning.

With God at my side.
I set down my pride.

I’m here to help others.
My sisters and brothers.

I can start small.
And follow the call.

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