Some days the energy from others
Gets stuck in my own soft spots
It burrows under the skin
Kicking up things thought laid to rest
And the emotions bubble up
Seemingly out of the blue
Weird ones
Tears form
Seriously? I’m upset about THIS?

Chicken or the egg –
Was this beneath the surface all along
Or am I projecting someone else’s shit?
And then comes the self-recrimination if the later
I know better than to take on others’ pain

But then I examine that
Is it so bad to be sensitive?
To feel what others are feeling
To see how we are all connected
And to feel pain when others are suffering

Is that really so bad
In a world that feels full of tension
Where opinions and data are presented as truth
And considered expression feels few and far between

Or what if it’s mine, and it’s real?
This was merely the straw that broke the camel’s back
Healing isn’t linear
Ok one moment, and super not ok the next
You can handle that
As can your people

Lyrics from a song
Reduce me to tears

Fear, writ large
Immediately after proclaiming bravery
Surprised, but upon reflection
This appears to be my new cycle
Talk a good game –
Freak out a little when the gravity sinks in

It’s ok
Rest; Restore your heart
Tomorrow is another day

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