Another trip around the sun

Hard to believe how much can change
In just one year

I found my gut, intuition
It was always there
Just grimy from lack of use
Cleaned up a bit now
My light can now shine through

I made definitive choices
Difficult at times, liberating at others
Once made, swift action to follow
With a sure, quiet knowing I didn’t know I possessed

Friendships morphed, changed
Pandemic an accelerant to that
I was already on my way
More vulnerable, healthy boundaries
Authentic version of me showing up

I found my voice
Words from God spill out in prose
Healing myself
Sharing in hopes it helps others too
Plugged into Source

Experiencing love
The kind that feels like home
Being truly seen

I am seeing more clearly
I feel more deeply
I pause to respond thoughtfully
Gentle, kind, and firm
Words I live by
Imperfectly, but intentionally

I would not be here without my people
Who nurtured me in the darkest hours
Who provided shelter when I needed to hear my own thoughts
Who understood that it was my turn to lean on them

That I found the courage
To face myself
To dismantle the pieces of my life which no longer served me
To quit living small

Life is fun now that I know I am awesome
I’m just getting started living
It is so very good to be alive

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