I can do many things
Flexible, adaptable
And those skills have served me well
Over the years
I’ve proven I’m quite competent

Then, a shuttering halt
After decades of constant motion
I finally start sitting still
Waiting for that small voice inside
To nudge softly – go here, not here

I’d ignored that voice for a lifetime
Assuming I lacked an internal compass
A way to find true north

Had my finger firmly pressed down on the mute button
Grinding through life
Doing what I was supposed to
Gaining favor by being nice, amenable
Following the good girl playbook

Exhausting way to live, but familiar
On the surface – everything looks great
Inside – vast expanse of emptiness
Why am I working so hard to never feel good?

A difficult scaffolding to dismantle
Infection in all aspects of life
Reexamining old assumptions
Asking of myself – what do you want?

Sense of purpose
A vision for my future
Eventually, things becoming clearer

I am not chasing the almighty dollar for status anymore
Just because I am good at something doesn’t mean I have to keep doing it
If it drains me, that’s probably not where I need to expend my energy

If you quit something and don’t miss it
Perhaps you were done with it a long time ago

What else can you quit?

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