Your human identifies with the stress.
Your human makes life a colossal mess.

Your human learned patterns of old.
Your human believes the things its told.

Your human’s the one who needs food for comfort.
Your human’s the one who has trouble to stop it.

Your human believes all the thoughts in its head.
Your human’s the who one goes where its led.

Your human sees others in their human form.
Your human’s the one who thinks it’s the norm.

Your human feels feelings and thinks they are true.
Your human gets lost and doesn’t see YOU!

You are a blessing to all, you see.
You being present – that’s all you need.

Your human is trying – keep that in mind.
Your human needs love – time after time.

It may seem foreign – the human in you.
It’s only a body – give love to that too.

Is it the alien or is it thee?
Only you will know – which one will you feed?

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