Angel Business

by Amy Rodeffer Thompson

They say God doesn’t make junk
But some days I feel like a lump

The human experience is an odd one
Full of spirit, with the potential to soar
While most of the time I feel feeble
Unable to whisper, much less roar

It’s messy, this living a life thing
Barely existing as a pauper, vision of a rise to a king?

I dance in-between, bent low, nearly broken at times
Flashes of potential, keep the flame of hope fired

Perhaps it was my expectation that caused this mess
This angel business sounded heavenly, serene
A mismatch for this existence
For which I am blessed

Time to dust myself off, get back to work
Tell those limiting beliefs to quit being a jerk
These wings need some practice, given a shake
Many more reps to execute prior to making a wake

I am a soul in a body, of this I am sure
How to live this way, I haven’t a clue
A sense that as long as I keep at it
In the end, God will see my heart as pure

Growth is hard

by Michelle Burke

My heart hurts.
Yearning for what I used to be.

I know my purpose.
And yet, this new world is hard to see.

These wings are fresh.
Ones I don’t know how to use.

Alone in this darkness.
Days that feel like abuse.

My mind is racing.
What do I do now?

How do I use them?
These things in tow.

All the judgment.
No longer safe.

This gift is precious.
But it feels like a race.

A race to heaven or hell perhaps.
So many choices to be made.

I just want to be free.
And lie down in the shade.

The growth path is like that.
Hard and unseen.

These wings are my purpose.
A glimmer of glee.

For now I’ll mourn.
The life I once had.

A new day will come.
But today I’m just sad.


by Jamie Husemann

Redeem, a word with an intense amount of depth.
A word that symbolizes strength and change.
I am terrified of it and the actions within it.
But, it is my word for this new year.

Somewhere along the way, I lost myself.
I allowed others to define the person that I am and
who I am becoming.
It started with small changes.
Then there were larger ones.
Slowly, I became someone I did not know.

Each word spoken from another’s lips, changed me a
little more.
I allowed their words to affirm the person I would be.
Good or bad, both transformed me.
I was no longer myself.
I did not recognize my reflection anymore.

Who was this stranger staring back at me?
This woman was fragile and weak.
What had I allowed myself to become?
She sits in the dark and prays for strength.
She wants her confidence back.
She wants to be redeemed to her true self.

This new year is a chance to heal.
This new year is the chance to find the truest
parts of who I am meant to be.
Not focusing on others opinions or thoughts.
Let God guide me.

I pray that God will use the dark times.
I pray for healing and redemption.
May He use the fragility of who I have become
and change it into everything I never thought
I could be.
Truly redeemed.


by Sandra Day

Burdens of my life pouring out
Turning from pain
Turning from hate
Turning from grief
Turning from shame
Into something beautiful and bold
My Angel wings begin to grow
Pain becomes light
Hate becomes acceptance
Grief becomes peace
Shame becomes love
Wings strong, graceful and gold
Burdened no more.

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